1. More reasons to love weekends!

  1. For most of us, weekends are better than weekdays. And with Disney Crossy Road SEA, there are more reasons to love weekends!


    Why? Every weekend, there’ll be challenges waiting for you on Disney Crossy Road SEA. By completing these challenges and collecting XP, you can win up to four tier of rewards—Coins, Pixels, a Rare Figurine and an Enchanted Figurine!

    Disney Crossy Road SEA Weekend Challenge

    Some background here—in Disney Crossy Road SEA, there are six tiers of figurines—Classic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Secret and Enchanted. Enchanted Figurines are special because you can only get them via the limited-time-only Weekend Challenges.


    To find out more about Weekend Challenges, you can check out the guide here.


    Expect a wrecking good time this weekend, for Wreck-It Ralph will take centrestage. So if you’re a big fan of the movie, make sure you are ready to show off your road-crossing skills and stamina. Especially if you want the Breath Mint (Rare) and Wedding Tuxedo Ralph (Enchanted) figurines ;)


    And psst…Big Hero 6 and Monsters, Inc. will be taking over your weekends very soon!

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